Bebington, St Andrew (8, 8-1-13) Bidston, St Oswald (6, 5-1-24) Bromborough, St Barnabas (8, 23-1-15) Burton, St Nicholas (6, 7-0-7) Capenhurst, Holy Trinity (6, 11-0-22) Eastham, St Mary the Blessed Virgin (6, 12-0-25) Heswall, St Peter (8, 8-0-9) Heswall, St Peter (8, 8-0-9) Moreton, Christ Church (4, 5-3-17) - unringable Neston, SS Mary & Helen (8, 14-2-24) Oxton, St Saviour (10, 20-1-6) Port Sunlight, Christ Church (URC) (8, 14-1-25) Rock Ferry, St Peter (6, 10-0-8) Shotwick, St Michael (6, 8-0-3) GF Thurstaston, St Bartholomew (6, 6-2-15) Thurstaston, St Bartholomew (6, 6-2-15) Upton, St Mary (5, 9-2-8) GF Liscard, St Mary (8, 16-2-2) GF Wallasey, St Hilary (6, 8-2-17) Wallasey, St Nicholas (8, 16-2-20) West Kirby, St Bridget (8, 12-0-23) West Kirby, St Bridget (8, 12-0-23) Woodchurch, Holy Cross (8, 3-3-27) Woodchurch, Holy Cross (8, 3-3-27) Clickable map of Wirral Branch Towers - go to UK map above for road map of the area.

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Safeguarding of Children In Towers Notice

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About Us and This Site

We hold local monthly meetings and organise training programmes, outings to other areas and the occasional social event.

Also, on this website, there is a 'Home Page' for each of the twenty towers where you can find details such as location (Post code, grid reference & latitude/longitude for SatNav), day and time of practices and service ringing, the person to contact, number and weight of bells etc. Use the Map alongside to take you directly to a Tower Page by clicking on Tower name (See also Road Map).

WirralBellringers is our e-mail based communication group. Click here for more information.

If you're not already a Ringer and are interested in trying your hand - or even just having a look - then do contact any of the officers who will be delighted to help. And you will receive a warm welcome in any Tower you choose to visit!